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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beda 2012 Post 5

Hello Bloggers.

I was to have lunch with some friends today but the one friend I wanted to see wasn't able to make it - so I skipped it. I did let them know though as I'm not rude.

So any 'news' I could have posted about that is now non existent.

Instead I had a Uni free day... I gamed, watched TV, did some work out in the garden and generally enjoyed the absence from University work.

I plan on having a couple of days Uni free - otherwise I'll end up in a place where the walls a padded......

So before the white truck arrives.  Here is my 'plug' site for today. It's Heath Carney. An uber amazing photographer and generally nice man he's an IF friend.... that's 'Internet Friend' I've never met Heath in the flesh, but his witty comments and sense of humour on Twitter keep me amused.

You can check out Heath's site HERE

That's all I've got. 

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