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Sunday, April 1, 2012

BEDA 2012 Post 01

BEDA Blog every day in April……

No this is not an April fool’s joke – I *really* am going to take part in BEDA in 2012. I’ve not done this since… *Checks blog history* 2009 the year I completed Nanowrimo for the first time. Perhaps that’s a sign.

 Anyway…… Today is day one of BEDA – I’ve spent my Sunday writing a report for an assignment on Collection Development Policies *Queue Library Nerd theme song* (I’m not sure they have one.. so perhaps I’ll have to get someone to create a library nerd theme song.) Anyway it’s due tomorrow – it’s still a shambles and makes no sense… and I’m just going to have a ‘stab’ and hope it’s right – worst case scenario… I fail…

 My BEDA’s will hopefully contain stuff about my day, what I’ve been doing and small segments that I find interesting to share… Oh wait… isn’t that what blogs are supposed to be? Meh…. Enjoy the writing.

I also plan to try and whore out I mean ‘plug’ others blogs each day. So staying true to my lesbian blood lines… Today’s blog plug is Lizzy the Lezzy. Check out what she has to offer by clicking the linking thing HERE

Day one down, bring on day two.

That’s all I’ve got.

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