Sunday, April 8, 2012

BEDA 2012 Post 8

Happy Chocolate day! + Happy Easter to my religious readers.

I spent the day at my uncles place - it was his 50th birthday celebrations....

I consumed a lot of champagne.... napped on the couch and am still under the influence. His girlfriend is a *BIG* drinker.... I am a lightweight compared to her - however I think '80+ year old aunt' gave her a run for her money!

Anyway - I've consumed chocolate, alcohol, chocolate, alcohol, oh and pig on a spit, like a full on 'animal' on a big metal pole that rotated and stuff (Can you tell I've never seen a pig on a spit in 'real life' before!)

I'm now suffering from a self induced headache from eating my body weight in chocolate and also consuming the same amount in liquid via Champagne.

So this really is 'all I've got'

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