Sunday, May 27, 2012

Who am I?

I’m Sal – Just Sal

Some people ask why I don’t blog under my ‘real name’? The answer to that is I kind of do…..  My name is actually Sally…. So ‘Sal’ is a shortened preferred title for me. However, I know what they are referring to, why I don’t post under my ‘real name’ aka my surname.

I thought about it recently – about blogging under my real name, after all I am a writer. I want to eventually be published under my real name, so why not blog under it.

I guess blogging as ‘Justsal’  (Along with tweeting) allows me express my views autonomously. (Note the spelling… autonomous – NOT anonymous! Two completely different meanings there) I’m not anonymous. I don’t ‘hide’ behind the internet spouting thoughts on stuff with the protection of anonymity. I am happy to say anything I post on here to someone’s face. Most of the things I post have generally occurred with someone as a conversation, or the posts are literally ‘just my thoughts’ on a variety of things.

I love to write and this is one of a few outlets that allows me to write independently. I’m not bringing attention onto my family name this way, not allowing what I write here to be used as ammunition against someone I love. What it comes down to is that. I don’t want my family to be judged on my thoughts and ideas. THAT is why I don’t use my surname in my blog.

When the time comes to reveal my ‘real name’ then I will – mostly so you will all buy my book :P In the meantime, I’m happy to blog under my first name Sal NOT Sally!

Sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you for not revealing the ‘real me'.

That’s all I’ve got.


Lady Jewels Diva® said...

What does it matter if you don't use your real name?

I'm me, it's my non de plume for my writing, it's me all over social media and when I print books.

You never need to reveal yourself. Blogs are for privacy to run away and post about what affects you. What you love/like/hate, have seen/bought/wear.

You don't need to tell the world your real name as they see the real you when you blog.

JustSal said...

Thank you Lady Jewels Diva :)