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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old writing

So a while ago I mentioned that I found an old book of poetry and a journal when I was packing up my stuff to move. I had time to have a proper look at it today and decided to share one of the pieces on here.

Reading it now eight years later, I was quite clearly in a place of sadness and confusion, when I wrote this. I recorded quite specific details of the date which included the day, year and the time. There’s no title to this piece, however this is what I wrote on Monday the 19th of November 2001 at 11:51pm

This sadness engulfs me like a wet blanket on a cold and rainy day
Black clouds smother me and every time I try to take a breath, it feels tighter
Will this feeling change like the weather does?
Will these emotions I’m feeling clear?
When will a new bright sunny day appear to take away my darkness, and the sadness that engulfs me like a wet blanket on a cold and rainy day.

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