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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life writing results

I surprised myself! I managed to get a distinction on my life writing story about living in Brisbane! I received the mark today and was ‘Holy fuck! a distinction!' (I actually said that out loud to myself!) So to say I’m happy right now is an understatement – However happiness can’t remove the feeling I’m suffering at the hands of a nasty virus, that I’ve got which is making the room spin on me, and feels as though I’ve swallowed fire. (I’ll spare everyone the list of other symptoms I’m suffering!) Unfortunately it takes an age to get an appointment with the Doctor in town, (2 week wait!) so I’ll stick it out, if it’s not improved by next week I’ll see about seeing someone about it. Brilliant grammar there! Though if it is a virus, there's sweet FA I can do about it other than to wait it out.

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