Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goal setting

I was driving to work late last week and had time to think. I’ve got a writing degree, two young adult novels in draft form, and a 25 + page kindle book of poetry and prose…. Yet here I am, still not published. This came on the back of me clearing out a bookshelf of older books I own to donate to a books sale work is having next month. As I was sorting out my bookshelf, I came across approximately 10 books I’ve bought but am yet to read.

So I’ve decided to set myself some goals.

Firstly – I plan to make time to read. At this moment in my life, I juggle work and uni. So the ‘reading’ I do is either work or study related. However, I love reading, and I need to make time each week to read, even if it’s simply ten minutes in bed, just before I turn off the light three times a week.

The same goes for my writing. I have a journal that my mum bought me for my birthday, it’s a beautiful leather bound journal which I physically write in (yes that thing where we put pen to paper!). However I’ve not put an entry into it since the 1st  of June 2012 (I just opened it and checked the date). This makes me sad, and also creates a little disappointment in myself. I do so many things that take ‘ten minutes’ such as watching something on TV – I NEED to take ten minutes to write each day.

So my goals for the next four weeks are as follows:

1)   Juggle work and Uni
2)   Write in my journal and on here.
3)   Read for at least ten minutes three times a week. 

If I can achieve two and three (one is locked in, there’s no budging there!) I feel that I will have achieved something, and also put a bit of work / study / life balance back into my life.

Also this year I won’t be participating in NANOWRIMO as a writer. I plan to use the 30 days to edit and tidy one of my Young Adult novels. I also need to find someone who will be my second pair of eyes for my prose and poetry pieces I want to put onto Kindle to launch my e-reader self-published career. A second set of eyes are always needed, to pick up typo’s and punctuation errors, as most of you know my punctuation skills are atrocious.

Anyone reading this who thinks they are a suitable candidate for my second pair of eyes. Please leave a message in the comment.

That’s all I’ve got.


Lady Jewels Diva® said...

I've written and self published three novels via Smashwords and Amazon. I also get them edited by http://www.affordablemanuscriptassessments.com/

Not sure how much yours would cost but she is professional and not biased like some friends may be.

dannielo said...

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