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Monday, May 18, 2009

Does a happy dance

Soooooooooo there has been a bit of a break between my posts, after the mammoth effort for April. However I have been up to my ears in assignments for Uni and at $700 a subject I'm thinking it gets my priority!!

Anyway as of three minutes ago. I hit the submit button on my final assignment for this semester and I'm so fucking happy right now :) I'll be even happier when I find out I managed to pass this semester.

Anyway I just wanted to share a line from the creative vignette I just submitted.

The knots in the pit of her stomach, attempt to stitch up the hole in her chest.

There's a lovely visual for you.

I'm off to the pub to catch up with some uni mates for a 5:30 celebration thank fuck Uni is over for this semester drink :)

That's all I've got

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