Thursday, September 10, 2009

A sticky situation

Those who follow me on twitter will know that the other morning I managed to spill pretty much the entire contents of a mug of hot tea onto my wireless keyboard. The keys from the left hand side over to about TGB are ‘sticking’ you have to ‘punch’ them down to get them to work. I look at this scenario from a few different angles.

One: I can replace the keyboard if the ‘sticking’ problem doesn’t work itself out. As one follower on twitter commented – it was better to have the wireless keyboard go under than a laptop!

Two: The keyboard is much more sturdy to hot (Read Scalding) beverages than my lap. Whilst at the time when the hot tea was cascading from my cup onto the keyboard, followed by me shouting “Oh for fuck sake!” I had to take a moment to thank the inventor of the slide out keyboard shelf. For had that invention not been
invented, and had I not had a desk with the aforementioned slide out keyboard shelf in it, on which the position of the shelf was in the fully slid out position. Then that hot tea (read scalding!) would have ended up in my lap which would have resulted in a scald vagina and well that’s NEVER a good thing!!

Three: There are a lot of people worse off out there than me, and I really shouldn’t bitch and moan about it . But fuck if I don’t write about it here and allow follows on twitter to know, then who else would give a fuck? Except maybe my mum!

In other news

I’ve got three of my marks back for the first ‘assignment’s’ for the units I’m doing – there’s two major assignments in total for each class (Amounts to six) and then there’s other ‘stuff’ that is counted as 10 and 15 % marks throughout the course(s). Except politics in which the major assignment is worth 60% It’s a pass/fail paper and I’m kinda stressing over it just a little.

Anyway – marks so far are

Playwriting: Distinction +
Politics Journal: Distinction +
Issues and themes in contemporary writing (Read a shit load of books!): Credit +

I’m really happy with all these marks considering that I felt I was really struggling with this semester. The classes just weren’t ‘great’ and the books we had to read were well a bit shit! (out of seven books three were good!)

It’s all down hill now (Cliché #427!) and its gaining momentum (Cliché # 428!)

Ok I’ll stop the Clichés

I’ll be finished this semester and this year by the middle of the October and then I’ll concentrate on this year’s submission for NANOWRIMO. This is the first time I’ve attempted it, but I’m really looking forward to the challenge and I defiantly think 50,000 words in thirty days will test my limits.

That’s all I’ve got


ScoMan said...

I know a scalding hot vagina is the last thing I'd want. And once again the slide out keyboard shelf prooves its awesomeness. Has there been a better invention in the last 100 years?

Yes, the Xbox.

Congrats on your grades so far. I don't think you have anything to stress about with the politics assignment. Chances are it'll be another distinction.

quillfeather said...

Cool blog. Enjoy your frankness on life. Refreshing to say the least. All the best with your grades. I'm sure you'll wing it :)