Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update Update Update

I've been busy! Seriously I have with the work for Uni piling up and life in general I've not had a chance to update my blog in a little while.

Current news in my life Uni is hard, but I'm enjoying it

My Dad's currently in hospital with a very nasty infection I hope he gets better soon

I find twitter the quickest way to update the world of all things Sal even if my spelling mistakes shine so brightly on there (Epic fail)

Actually just on Twitter - (I'll whore my site address out shortly.) Actually just click this link ---> JustSal Twitter
I got put onto Twitter through Lucy (Ahh my lovely Lucy) anyway through this social networking site. I've meet a few people with similar interests, and have managed to get my name out there as a futurist / dystopia style up and coming fantasy writer through a novelist called Brian Rathbone. He has set up a site (Link in the sidebar) that allows for fantasy writers to be noticed.

It's Saturday afternoon - I should go grocery shopping, but I can't be bothered. I'll head off and visit my Dad shortly then get something organised for dinner.

That's all I've got

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ScoMan said...

I can still remember how much of my life Uni took over. It didn't give me time for much else. Luckily, I wasn't blogging back then.. or maybe I just started towards the end.. yes.. I definetely did. But that was many blogs ago.

I've only recently joined the Twitter nation myself. Peer pressure got too much for me in the end.