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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st - Blog #96

Procrastination is a fine art to master - I'm still in the process of getting my Phd in it - however I'm well on the way right about now.

I've stumbled into that 'rut' the one where you look at your calendar - see the enormous about of shit due and then think - Meh I can't be arsed doing Uni work today. The problem with that is I had the day off yesterday and spent it with my mum. So today I was suppose to get into it and get as much as I could get done for this week before my brother arrives tomorrow night.

What have I done thus far today

I went and got a hair cut
Fixed a friends computer
Went grocery shopping even though I loath it
Did the washing
Pulled in the aformentioned washing and folded it, and put it away

Now I'm sitting here writing this entry when I should be writing the proposal for the play I'm planning to write as my major assignment for that subject or 'writing for performance' It's only 1,000 words that's due Friday and I've not really kept up with the reading for that class as it bores the shit out of me, so right now I'm searching for a paddle!

I'm armed with redbull - the dog (He's laying on his bed beside me) and well... I'll upload this - shut down twirl so as not to be distracted by twitter and put a solid two hours in until 6pm when I'll be hungry, have to consume food and then won't want to write essay plans or read about the 'empty space' of theatre nor give a rats about the inner messages the book 'the hours' is trying to communicate to the reader.

I'll stop moaning - and just suck it up and get on with it

That's all I've got

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ScoMan said...

Procrastination is fantastic. It's amazing how many important things come up when a deadline looms.