Friday, July 3, 2009

First Week Back

This week is / was the first week back into second semester for 2009. I've got a class starting in a few hours and I can think of about twenty other things I could be doing instead of attending it!

The weather is shit house today- there is a wind strong enough to blow a dog off a chain and well I just can't be bothered doing anything! I think it's a terrible place to be in right now only being the first week back. I'll get over it and goto class. I'm heading out tonight to a friends farewell dinner so that should make me somewhat more enthusiastic about life in general right now.

If I think about it, maybe it's the subjects I've got on this semester that just don't seem to 'grab' me with enthusiasm. Maybe it's just the shit house weather that prevents any time outside in the sun which is always a good cure for 'Meh - ness'

I'll stop moaning about it all, get some lunch into me and head off to Class.

That's all I've got

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