Monday, July 28, 2008

Under Pressure

F*CK Me!

I just wrote an intro to this and the net crashed on me and I lost it - I'm beyond pissed off now!!

Anyway - now the 'digest' version of the intro I lost (First one was so much better!)

I'm going with the memoir style of writing for my piece - though I'm thinking who really cares about my life to read it!

I can't remember a lot from my childhood. So I've gone with my time in Brisbane the city I lived in for 9 years.

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Needs editing! This is just how it flowed out of my head and onto the screen.


When I look back at my time that I lived in Brisbane – The happy times outweigh the bad.

‘My boys’ My substitute brothers who banded around me and kept me from harm, Peter, Alan, Aaron, Adrian and Darren – to them I owe a debt of gratitude, but most if not all of that gratitude goes to Adrian. Adrian was my best friend – we lived in several share houses together. He was the same age as my only brother and so I looked to him as a substitute ‘stand’ in brother. We lived together for 3 years and in that time only had two major fights both in the house in Morningside.

Once a week myself, Adrian and Darren would get together at the pub our weekly gathering, a get together of friends it was invite who ever you wanted to join the dinner – rain hail or shine we’d arrive at the pub after 5pm and stay until we’d had enough. When we lived in Coorparoo it was the Aussie Nash in Stanley street Woolloongabba. They had Two for One on a Tuesday night so we’d always pull in a Forth from somewhere to complete the circle, sometimes it was Darren’s brother Steve other times mutual friends.

When we moved to Morningside the local pub changed to the Comsley and Tuesday night dinner became Monday’s $5 steaks. Again we’d converge on the pub after 5pm drink, eat steak and wander home (It was a short walk through two parks to our place on Blackwood ave) However our other taste for fine food was the The China Duck in Seven Hills – They delivered your Chinese order, and by the end of our stay in Morning side – Almost 2 years they knew our order simply from the sound of my voice.

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SharpFinale said...

I love with your best friend and silly older brothers:P
You're very lucky:)
What happened to Adrian? You said he WAS your best friend.