Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I remember list

So one of the tasks is the make a list of things that I remember mostly from my childhood in 5 minutes - short and sweet. So here it is

  • Holiday's at the beach
  • Breakfast with my Nanna
  • Christmas as a child being more exciting than as an adult
  • My parents putting in a swimming pool
  • The first swim in the pool
  • Summer days spent all day in the pool
  • Family BBQ's at my Nanna's house up the road
  • My first dog Zoe
  • Various cats I bought home that I found
  • Getting my first skateboard
  • Weekends that never seem to end - riding my skateboard from dawn to dusk
  • Hot chips from the shop around the corner
  • Playing hand ball in the park across the road
  • Playing 'Army', 'Doctor Who' or 'Starwars' in the back yard with my brother
  • Running inside from hearing the theme to Dr Who and getting there in time to see Tom Baker's face fade off into the time vortex
  • Watching Dr Who and getting excited if the episode had Darleks
  • Teaching myself to play drums
  • Spending every spare moment playing drums
  • Hating school and the bullying I endured
  • My mum coming to watch me perform at a concert and yelling out that's my daughter playing the drums
  • My brother going to university in Brisbane and the house being different without him
  • Failing my HSC and my mother crying over it
  • Coming 2nd in the state for music (Drumming Major) in the HSC - but still failing overall
  • Moving out of home on the day of my last HSC exam
  • Coming home for x-mas
  • Getting into computers
  • Moving to Brisbane to study computers
  • The anonymity that the city gave me
  • New found freedom and loneliness of the city
  • Standing on my own two feet
  • Falling in love and have my heart ripped out
The next tasks it to write non stop for 10 minutes about 'I remember' which I will post tomorrow - If all goes well.

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SharpFinale said...

ooh this is interesting:)
did you know Nanna means mother of the earth (in something,i can't remember.might be african)