Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#365 Day 6 Tuesday 17th June

So day six, I missed yesterday (see previous post) 
Winter has well and truly come to Australia this morning, it is COLD I mean bone chilling cold. I have the heater on, I have the following clothes on

Long johns, jeans, sock, shoes, singlet, long sleeve tee, t-shirt, jumper and a beanie. So Yes, I'm cold. I've got a blanket over me while I write this blog, I'm COLD!

My dog is asleep in his heated bed, with his pj's (super dog coat) on, snoring away.... I love my dog, he is so loyal and loves me unconditionally, well providing I feed him and share my food with him, two bites for me, one bite for Scoob. 

The suns out finally, so I'm off to get some free warmth from the sun.

Before I go, I'm thinking of getting my hair cut this way 
Give me your thoughts in the comments.

That's all I've got

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