Monday, April 4, 2011

See what happens when you don't pay attention

Hello followers...
The ones I have left. I lost a few while I've been away. Do I care that they have left? (a small chunk of my heart has broken off and has been lost forever!) Not really - if you're not wanting to stick about even when I'm absent then see ya!

I'll give you a brief update in the world of Sal

Back at Uni
A lot of Uni work
Parents had a car accident (They are ok thankfully)
Their car is a ride off
They are currently using my car
I'm walking places a lot more
Contemplating buying a new push bike
Been gaming - Both PC and PS3
Was unimpressed that I finished a game called "Homefront" in four hours yes FOUR hours from start to finish... fucking light weight game!
Have had general back and forth banter with @thisisscoman which is always amusing.
Spent time with my nephews
Dyed my hair blue for charity (raised $972.00) in the process

So there you have it - a 'Sal' update. I was tempted to do BEDA again (Blog everyday in April) but with the amount of Uni work I have on at the moment and falling behind with the situation with my parents accident. I just know I don't have the time to do an update every day. However I get two weeks off in June so I might have a blog-a thon then.

That's all I've got

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