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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Nuclear

So the debate is back regarding Australia and if we should have nuclear power to run the country instead of using fossil fuels such as coal.

My thoughts are NO we shouldn’t have nuclear power – I’ve got a few reasons I’m sure no one cares however my biggest argument is

We live in fucking Australia – its SUNNY all the fucking time – why not utilise that and create large bloody solar energy farms out the back of fucking no where and harness the sun’s energy (I sound like a bloody advert for solar panels!)

Seriously though… Has anyone in government worked out the cost of what establishing a solar energy plant would be OVER the nuclear one? I know I’d rather live within 150km’s of a solar energy farm, than a nuclear power plant!

What about the ‘great ocean road’ it blows a bloody gale down there – put up some windmills, harvest the wind, and turn that into energy!

I’m not hug a tree greenie. In fact hug a tree greenies shit me, and I’d like to collect them all, make them shower, use deodorant, have a haircut and SHAVE! Eww the thought is creeping me out!!!

Anyway….. I see in the paper over the weekend the amount of money we pay politicians to well basically do fuck all other than be bigots and fuck people they’d never have a chance of fucking if they a) weren't in politics and b) didn't have money we pay them to be politicians! I worry that the future of this country is starting to gain momentum, in the ever increasing spiral of shit, that is circulating it’s way down the drain!

Sun Kevin… Solar Power Kevin.. It might cost more to actually get up and running to begin with, but it won’t risk our grandchildren having to worry about ‘waste disposal’ in the future, and lets face it – the sun isn’t going to run out!

That’s all I’ve got.


quillfeather said...

Agree. I live in New Zealand, a long narrow country with lots of wind and sun. We have no excuse not to tap into our free resources. I don't want to be another Chenobal. I lived in the United Kingdom at the time when the power plant exploded. Scary. Even now I worry about my health.

Good post.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I agree, though I don't live in Australia. I think everybody, no matter where you live, should think about the naturals. (yes, I'm a little bit tree hugger - but the other half is hillbilly, so I say I equal

But, must we forget? It's all about the money, my friend. And how to rape us all to get the very last cent.

ScoMan said...

If we set up 50 square kilometres of solar panels that's enough to power the country.
Now where can we find that sort of space? It's not like there's a big empty batch of dirt in the middle of the country of anything.