Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caution Rant Ahead - C word used

I wrote this big long winded spiel about the current situation regarding ‘boat people’ coming to Australia (Is it me or do others have this image in their mind of people with heads shaped like boats when they hear the term ‘boat people’) Anyway after I re-read it. I sounded way too much like a politician which fucked me off, so here is the ‘digest’ version of my thoughts on the matter of asylum seekers.

People have to look at the bigger picture here.

1) These people are escaping from a situation I can’t even begin to imagine must be like.

2) Australia is a BIG country yes, but the majority of the place is desert and well nothing fucking grows in the desert.

3) Some people are genuine asylum seekers other aren’t at least let these people be given the chance to plead their case.

4) The authorities need to look at the fuckers who are smuggling the people! ie those cunts who are taking advantage of those in a very dire situation, charging them an astronomical amount of non refundable money to possibly seek freedom should be rounded up and stopped.

For fuck sake Australia. I realised that some of the people that live here are dickheads. You can’t turn on the TV without someone yob draped in the Australian flag who has no fucking clue what the fuck ANZAC day stands for let alone can tell you who governs the country – but there they are ‘Fair dinkum Aussies!’ all because they can go shirtless with the Australian flag draped over their shoulders complete with their Ned Kelly tattoo!

Why are these bogans so patriotic? Because it’s a free country and we give people a fair go! Fair to those who can read the fine print and see that it excludes those fleeing turmoil in their own country, and are seeking safety for themselves and their families, via the ocean! Yes I agree it’s NOT the correct way to come into the country – however those who ‘fly’ in legitimately on a ‘tourist’ visa usually fuck off somewhere, out stary their visa conditions, work for cash in had somewhere, which prevents taxes being paid. Taxes which fund the all important football stadiums of this country (Cause sport, is more important than hospitals) and yet we have fat kids!?!

But I digress... Am I in the twilight zone? No I’m just an Australian living in this ‘lucky country’ that gives people a ‘fair go’ and isn’t racists at all!

I’ll shut the fuck up now

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

I often wonder how these people would feel if the situation were reversed. They're out looking for a safe place to live but a bunch of misinformed "patriots" block them coming into a country.

Unfortunately theres only one way to find out...