Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Will a postgraduate send me over the edge?

Hello dedicated readers, Happy New Year. I’ve completed my undergrad and I’m about to embark on a post-grad in information management and librarian studies. One of the four classes I’m taking in first semester has a list of books in which we have to choose two of the three genres of EACH genre and read. So for science fiction I’ve gone with Young Adult genre author Victor Kelleher’s Parklands (Just finished it) and Joanne DuPrau’s ‘The city of ember’ (Not stared it yet). The entire list will be a total of 28 books. I like to read, but when the pressure is on to get that many books read in the amount of time a semester is, plus the readings etc involved in the rest of the class, along with the other three subjects. I’m sitting here thinking. WTF have I gone and signed up for? Will this make me or break me? I’m being a more positive thinker in 2012 and I am going to say it will make me, it will create information and skills within me, to allow me to undertake a job within the librarian / research environment which I hope to enjoy doing. So therefore it will be nice to end all my studies and gain a job I actually ‘like’ and have worked towards and in my ‘free’ time I’ll work on that other career goal of becoming a published Author. So readers – what do you have planned for 2012? That’s all I’ve got. Sal

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